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Do you wonder what to do to recover from the last updates of the Google algorithm such as Panda and Penguin? Have you tried to change different strategies, techniques and SEO plans or do anything else? Have you got plans on how you can get back on the right track? At the same time, you have to know that the Penguin update is about an update to the algorithm that focuses on websites that are using bad SEO tactics such as bad link building practices, comment spamming, poor article marketing, duplicate anchor texts that are keyword stuffed and repeated over and over on multiple backlinks, buying links and private link network participation.

These may be done in order to get your good ranking with the search engines back.

The following are some suggestions or tips that can help you to start recovering from the Panda and Penguin updates. Note that everything will be based on the analysis I have done on my own as well as the research. It means that it may not work depending on your situation but you can get some help from them in the big picture.

Be aware of Google Analytics
Go to the Google Analytics account, get a report about the traffic on your site and check if there was a significant drop in the visits you were getting. This may be taken as a sample for the meltdown of traffic you may have experienced because of the aligrotham updates from Penguin. If you see that your website has lost visitors it may mean that you were efffected by Panda or Penguin.

Watch your keywords
If you are not able to monitor your keywords on daily basis, you may use online tools in order to check if your ranks are decreasing.

In addition of using the tools, you may also consider your top performing keywords by the use of Google analytics. Whenever you see that there is a certain drop into the performance for your top keywords and branded keywords, you have to know that you may have been effected by the latest updates.

Look for the Anchor Text distribution with a Backlink Profile
You may continue to use anchor texts but you should not overdo this or repeat the anchor text phrases. Use backlinks for traffic, if a link doesn't get traffic how valuable is it really how long before the systems precisely predict a links value and if any page rank or quality scoring should be based on that link. You must come to terms that computing power is getting more powerful, analytic data more parse-able, more understandable, more complex and more intelligent. Do you want to get bit again by Panda part 2? I'll worry about getting targeted quality traffic to the right quality content rather then some ill beneficial link on some website that brings no traffic that only intention is to manipulate a score.

You have to be aware of sites that link back to your website. I recommend that you do not focus most of your effort to only one backlink type. You may need to have backlinks from other sites with different link types like social media accounts, articles sites, Q/A sites and directories. You should be able to pin point he offending links. Excessive repeated keyword anchor text.

You may use Google Webmaster tools in order to check if the website has crawl errors. When you get the list of the links that have been broken, then you should redirect or reassign such links to the appropriate pages for your website

Add content and fix the duplicate content

in case there may be the issues for duplicate content such as having the similar URs sessions and versions IDs. What you have to do is canonicalizing the pages you have for the search engine since it is the best way that you can fight off duplicate content or 301 redirection.

Do not use the keyword stuffing This is a common topic in all SEO blogs. You have to know how you can add the keyword into the URLS, headertags, hyperlinks, meta tags and body content in the natural way. Do not try to over optimize such the on-page contents and try to use different types of the variation of the keywords instead of using one keyword in the entire webpage.

Use only high quality links while forgetting about Massive link buildings. No follow links are also considered to be among the most important in link building. Do not fall the victim of the say that says that using the backlinks will not help you with improving with your search engine ranking. What you need to look into the link will be the quality of the links. The link should be able to bring in the traffic, and this is the first thing that you have to consider while looking for the links. The best example for the high quality backlinks is a comment on the blog that may provide helpful and new interest or suggestion to both the blog owners’ or and to other commenters. Keep in mind the words said by Danny Sullivan on how to earn hard links. You should avoid to get involved into any type of link building where you only target to improve with your ranking with the search engine. Link building is more about getting hard links but not the easy links.

Be more social

You have to help your website in order to improved with the brand reputation by the use of available social media such as Pinterest, Linkedln, Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook and many more. The social media may be playing the big factor into the ranking with the search engine and you should maximize the benefits offered by these networks. They improve the brand awareness and the popularity.

I think that the above tops can help you to be aware of the problems that you should fix so that you can recover and to get back at the right track.

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