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Search engine optimization or SEO helps people find the website they want while using search engines such as Bing, Yahoo or Google. By working on different elements of SEO, you can improve the SEO ranking and this can make the difference in the health and success of the business. For example if you run a Web Design Business in San Diego, then you can be found on the first page results when someone searches in Google for "web design san diego", then it will give you a chance to rank above the competitors.

If you understand SEO importance, it does not have to surprise you when you see that many businesses put great effort towards improving the ranking of their websites. There are many ways that you can achieve this while the practices and the methods are many but at the same time complicated to explain them within only one article. However, you may not be aware of one method that companies are using to improve the ranking of their website and that is the switch to the cloud-based hosting.

Even if it can be hard to give a one definition on Cloud terminology, it is normally the use of the shared and online and on demand computing resources. If a business is talking about switching to the cloud, then it usually means that they are thinking about changing from using the physical storage and application severs at which the website or other computing resources of the company are being hosted so they start to use a 3rd party cloud service so they only pay for thier hosting needs and storage whenever they are using them as well as being able to scale them on demand. The servers at which the websites or other resources have been hosted will be shared by different business and companies that are paying for what they utilize or a percentage of a very large data center scale super computer or cluster of.

You may be asking yourself how cloud apps and storage will improve the rank of your site?
It increases the loading speed of your page because you may scale it on demand without having to actually move the web properties such as files, software, configs over to new hardware when there is a increase in load on your web applications. In addition there are complimentary addons such as CDN's (content delivery networks) which are cloud servers that are closet to the user and will serve the request location closets to the client cutting down on latency.

Everyone wants his internet experience to be faster. As the world pushes to have a more connected and digital future, one of the big concerns is to get a better penetration of broadband with a fast download and upload speed. The speed is not only about the comfort since having an increased speed for your page loading will also increase the SEO rank for your site. Google is the largest search engine in the world and it has different analytical metrics used to know the sites that will come up whenever some keywords are searched for. One of these analytical metrics, is a UX or User Experience rating. Websites that have a high UX rating, the better experience the user will have when reading these websites and it means that you will be ranked higher in the Search engine results. The important element for a strong rating for UX is about the loading speed of the page.

The faster the web pages will be, the better their SEO ranking will be. When your webpage are hosted on a scale-able cloud, they typically have better speeds when the pages load for the user the shared hosting due to better distribution of resources and ability to easily and effortlessly scale the applications that would normally sit on dedicated hardware that requires time to migrate. The websites that are hosted on the cloud are usually faster since they allow the distribution of online resources in more effectively and efficient way. You can find other tricks that you can use that the online marketers and web developers may use for your website that can improve its ranking but there is nothing that can be as effective or as sweeping like migrating the site from the traditional hard drive that uses shared dedicated hardware solution to a scale-able resource free and ready to execute cloud based solution that it is hosted online and serving up pages via CDN at locations closest to the end users simultaneously around the world in different regions providing multiple local server request giving you a true local global coverage in its responce time giving you a global speed advantage

Hosting Location
Another important element for effective and successful SEO ranking is the location of the host. Some search engines including Google considers favorably the sites that are hosted by local host. For example if you are in Europe and you are searching something in Google, the websites with .eu end will be found higher than the one with the .au or.com end or any type of version of the website. With the websites that are hosted traditionally, it led to the businesses to buy and to rent servers, in every targeted market where they want to be relevant and they also host every version with local host. However, if your website has been hosted on the cloud, there will be no need to do so, because popular cloud platforms come with CDN servers in different corners of the world. When the websites is hosted at the cloud, it will not have a footprint that is geo-located as it was before. This means that you are able to host your website your website on, au, .eu, .us and .com websites at one cloud location and just park those as addon domains on top of the primary domain.

If you decide to talk to someone who works in the SEO industry, he will be raving about different options you have for cloud based hosting because for the reasons that have been already listed and others. The cloud computing changed how many businesses were conducting their online business and the increased popularity with the adoption rate that increase as years pass, then it means that none should expect to see it going away soon.

As said before, the business has to do everything under their power so that they may increase there companies SEO ranking and to be seen by their targeted audience. Even if there are many methods that those business owners can achieve this, changing to cloud hosting has been proven to work.

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