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To be able to get such cash, traditional methods may require a business plan from one investor to the next, hoping that one may be interested so that he can invest into your idea. However, using this process can take longer and sometime it may fail to yield the results you want.

In the year 2014, there are many ways that a small business can get support for his or her business and the lending support for small businesses are plentiful.

Most people all agree that small businesses have always been the backbone of economies. When someone invests into a small business, he will be strengthening the economy and by creating jobs that support all companies since small businesses buy their products and form partnerships with others.

For someone who has a business that just started out, it may be hard to get the funding via tradtional methods. However with the internet, you can leverage the global outreach and you can get the funding you need for your business to start up.

The following are some tips that may help you to get the finances you need to start your business.

Look into your industry
There may be some chances that there is one thing that will be special with the idea. For example you may be a single mother or the idea can help the people who are disadvantaged. You can find out that there are grants that were developed to target certain business owners or certain business ideas. This can help you in starting up your business. When you are able to define your industry, you will get additional benefits. While seeking the funding, you can be able to summarize what sets your business aside from other business in the same industry. You should do the research about the investors before you approach them so that you can discover what are their interests.

Look for a grant
When looking for a financing help, there is nothing better than a grant. The money will be given to you without any charge and you can use it towards the start up of your business. However, you have to know that some grants are hard to locate and to land, but you cannot find a grant without having tried. There are some sites that aggregate federal grants so you can try them out to see if they can apply to the idea of your business. The grants are made available according to business theme and demographic details of the business owners. You can find that there are grants for single mothers, women, business owners form the minority groups and others. If you wish to apply, you have to be ready to dust off the keyboard and to be ready to type. Many grant programs will require you to present extensive proposals where you should give the details for each aspect of the organization.

Try a contest
Another sign that show a growing support of the small business that wants to start, is a number of the contests which encourage the innovation by giving financial rewards to the winners. The Amazon Web Service for the start up business challenge, offers the annual rewards that equals to 50,000 dollar rewards with the 50,000 dollars in the AWS credits to different business every year. MIT gives the rewards that equals to 350,000 dollars every year for the pitch, launch or accelerate contest. If you want to improve your chances to win with such contest, you should have a project that will make you stand out from others. You may be required to present the idea in person or your may have to develop it by writing a essay. The idea has to be original or innovative in most cases.

Crowd Funding
Some sites like Indiegogo, and Kickstarter have the perfect platform for business and they can help you in locating the funding for your new business . Crowdfunding has now become popular in the last few years and it is getting attention from businesses and investors. All such popularity may mean the increase in the competition and it means that in case the business is not able to get the attention required from the investors, then it will be put into a group that were not able to get funds. If you want to make a successful campaign, you need to have a good pitch. You have to share the reason why you created the concept with the passion that you may have towards seeing your concept maturing.

Angel Investors
You may believe it or not, but there are real life stories. The angels are looking to get the best idea but you should not think that they are just giving money to the business that just started without having any reason to do so. They have an ulterior model and you have to give back a large part of your business to the angel in return of the funding they make in your business. If you have no other choice or if you are willing to exchange some equity in your business to get the finances, then getting one or two angel investors can be a good solution to get the capital. If you have already decided to look up for this type of investment, then the most challenging problem is to find an angel investor who are looking to fund a project like the one you have. One place where you can start is to look from the Small Business Administration or SBA. The SBA offer centers for small business Development and you can find one near you. These centers are the place where the investors and entrepreneurs come together. Gust is also another place where you can get the best resources, which lists the investors and the entrepreneurs and at least more than 1,000 start ups business are funded on this site every year.

Ask for a loan
In case you have a small business, then the SBA can help you in locating the loan for your business opportunity around your area. You can find different options that you can use for your needs such as the loans that are meant to help out with the disaster recovery and microloans. This is considered to be much easier than securing a loan from a bank. If you have decided that you should contact the bank to get a loan for your small business, then you should be sure that you are giving all the details about your business. This means that you have to give full financial details that give the explanation about how the money you will get, will be used. It can be better if you start with a small and community based bank since they will be more understanding on how your proposed business can fit into the local businesses and to benefit the community. It does not have to be a struggle to get the funding required to start your business. If you create the best and good business plan, you should be ready to hone you pitch until you get someone who will be ready to listen to you. When you contact many people, you will be increasing your chances of getting someone who will be interested into financing your business so that you can put the idea into the motion

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