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The problem is that the use of too many Black Hat SEO tactics had spoiled the quality of the content on the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). This has forced Google in taking actions against these practices and impose penalties in its SERP algorithms.

If you build landing pages, you have to follow quality assurance guidelines . If you do it in a proper way, then landing pages may be the best way to attract the targeted audience to your pages that offers exactly the information they need or they want to see. This is then known as vertical marketing.

You may be wandering what penalties from Google are for?

The following are some of the tactics, that can put your website into trouble.

Spam or duplicate content: Google dislikes to crawl two different pages that have content that are the same.

Keywords stuffing: Keyword stuffing is the act of cheating the search engine by use of the keywords that are not related to the topic in the landing page. You should never try this since it is the easy way that your page may be penalized.

Link schemes: Buying links from link farms and schemes is one way known as manipulating the ranking of the pages and to prevent this, Google has came with new updates for Penguin. If you have a landing page which is already SEO friendly, you should not fall the victim of buying too many unknown links even if you may think that you are getting the best deal.

Cloaking: You should always have the same content for the search engine and the human users. Never try to hide some links or text when you start to build the landing pages for your websites. If Google finds out that you are doing this, it will pose the penalties that can prevent your site from being shown in the lists of Google search results.

Slow page loading time: Slow loading pages are frustrating to the users and Google can penalize your websites if there are many landing pages that fail to respond in a given timeframe. You should audit the landing pages of your sites regularly to ensure that your site responds in the best way. You can use PageSpeed Insight, a tool from Google that can help you in analyzing the loading period of your website the PageSpeed should be over 80 score in order to be considered as passing speed.

Quality Content: The Best SEO Practice

You can find different forms of practices that Google considers manipulative and it may penalize a website because of them and the list given is just few of them.

It is easy for Google to bury a website so that it does not appear on the search results if you are using any deceptive methods. You have to be cautious about how to develop the content found on your landing pages. You have to remember always that the sole focus of Google is to offer high quality content so that it can be useful as a search result to the users intent of the search query made . Any method and technique that may prevent Google against achieving this goal, may lead to penalties of your site with a sudden drop in the traffic of your site.

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