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Organic SEO in landing pages are not given too much emphasis here and its not covered well in this article. This is not good since organic SEO principles keep your CPC (Cost per Click) down so reading up on organic SEO is recommended. In PPC (pay per click) we have primarily one goal which is to convert the visitor be it a sale, signup or lead. SEO content on the landing pages will be used to achieve a few benefits such as quality score to reduce CPC and increase Ad relevancy. You should persuade users in taking the action you want which is converting, converting & converting. You should have a good ranking position so that you can get organic traffic to your site as well, PPC and organic SEO go hand in hand and we prefer hybrid landing content pages.

Depending on sites page rank, age and other factors such as organic quality score those who advertise in PPC are usually given a faster chance for better performance within the organic SERPs which are already competitive when you advertise through PPC in search engines advertising platforms such as adwords text ads because your are inducing quality scoring on keywords and phrases at the same on these target pages.

Landing pages are typically structured in a different way compared to organic landing page results for the most part except in the case of hybrid pages. The emphasis is usually on longer content, usability which takes place more in the Organic SEO content arena.

The following are processes you can use to develop phenomenal landing pages which are SEO optimized for search engines and which have been structured in a way that lead to conversions.

The first step is to determine the intention of the users. The topic to use on your SEO landing webpages is based on the search demand and the keywords. It is also important to know the intention of the users while using examining search queries and keywords to use in your campaigns and your landing page meta content and page content such.

Knowing the intentions of the searchers will help you to find out the following:

  • The type of the content that you have to create
  • Where to put that content on your site
  • When the users are ready to buy your products
  • What offer you should give to the users as a promotion tool.

An example can be when you want to sell health supplements, if you are looking to target the keyword phrase such as "staying healthy when flying". The intention behind using this information is about gathering the information so you have to offer the information to be found on the top of funnel process search. One of your landing pages may have information about 10 methods to use in order to stay healthy while flying. This will be about the information that the user wants without having to pitch for the product. By taking into account the type of the natural and intention, you can pitch for your products softly without being too obvious like asking the visitors to sign up for a monthly newsletter to get more tips on regular basis and this is contrary to using aggressive call for action known CTA (Call To Action) . An example of CTA is "buy health supplements now. The earlier search may not convert because a user may not be looking to buy anything at a early stage. It is important to know the intentions of the users while looking for the information and to know where they are in the buying cycle of your products. This will help you to know the content type to publish and the promotional tool to offer.

Another sample keyword type that you may encounter while using an aggressive offer is when you target someone who is further in the buying cycle or who is deep in the sales funnel such as "best natural health supplement". When you want to target someone who uses such search query, you have to know that you will have to use a different approach while developing the content of your landing page compared to the informational content you used as blog post. The content has to be about the topic that it is tightly structured and it should be driven to the solutions or to the sales. The solution landing page is a type of the hybrid page. It bridges a gap within useful informational content which may be published on the blog with the transactionional landing page found in a section of the services or products you offer on your website. The solution page will be dedicated to the solution section at the website. For SEO benefits, this section can be found in the main navigation or in the sub navigation but it should not be away from the main pages for more than 2 clicks. This is to ensure that you have a balanced equity for internal link with the page authority will reach to these solutions pages for the purpose of SERP performance. You may also have inbound links with the primary solutions on the Splash page and this is where you will hang all the individual landing webpages meant to offer solutions. This is a effective tactic if you want to increase the flow relevance indirectly as well as the authority to certain pages and link equity. There will be no need to build many anchor links on every page. Having the links to your splash or primary solutions is the best way that you may scale your efforts in link building.

The following are some typical characteristics for the landing pages meant to offer solutions:

  • They are based on relevancy and keyword
  • They are optimized for organic search
  • They are written in long form because long content converts better compared to short content.
  • They are written to help you connect with the targeted audience
  • It focuses on helping to solve a problem or to deal with a pain point
  • It has to be relevant and clear with the offer that has been mapped because of the intention of the user.


This should be done because of the main services and products, even if SEO are more focused on here, you should not let the hybrid content SEO hijack the primary content of your site. You should develop the page that it is at the same time focused on SEO and connecting to the user since it will be using the language they understand and it be addressing their needs and wants. This is the balancing but delicate act that it is found between optimizing that leads to conversions while being found in the search results. The keyword research results have to be used with the information on the topic selections. It sheds some lights on page optimization while helping with your efforts in link building, but the most important thing on the SEO landing page of your site is the content integrity. You should not try to be a victim of using over optimization or try to put every relevant keyword modifier or variation copy into your content. This will end up reducing the conversions rate and it may kill the rankings in the end.

How you should structure SEO landing webpages that are solutions oriented?

You have to be aware of how you can use blueprints to structure the SEO landing page so that its solution oriented.

Such blueprints have five different elements:

Headlines: this is the place where you have to make a good promise to the audience so that they may continue to read. You may also use a subhead that will help you to expand on the original promise that you have made in the headline.

The setup: the introductory paragraph for the solutions page should be where you would like to set up the table and to engage your audience. The approach is not meant to help you in trying to close down the deal by pimping the product from the start since it may look as if you are using a cheap pick up lines. However, you should build the trust in order to deliver the relevancy to both the engines and users. You should define the topic and explain the benefits that it will have to the targeted audience. Using the points or bullet points can be good ideas at this stage since people like scanning through the content instead of reading each word on the page.

The problems: you have to address the questions, pain point and problems of the users. The search is most of the time about looking for answers for a certain question. The section is the reason why people may visit your site which means that you will be reinforcing the decision they made when they decided to come to your pages. It is also recommended to use the subheads for everyone of such sections because it may help in breaking up the copy which makes it easier for scanning while keeping the readers at the right track.

The solution: is the place where you will give the solutions to the questions or problems of the users and the solutions will be in the form of your service and products. You should give information about what you offer, your individual value propositions and what may distinguish you from other providers who may be offering the same service or product.

Call To Action: ACT is considered to be the best important segment on your page and it can be about tipping place within the conversion and bounce. At this point, you have to make the reader to do what you want him to do by giving clear and specific direction. By using the same sample about health supplements supplier, sometime the user may use the natural pain relief for sinus. By the use of the guidelines that have been already given, the page may look as the following.

Headlines: Use Natural Relief to get Rid of the Sinus Pain Completely Setup: You should talk for sometime about what the sinus is and the causes behind it. You should also have supportive facts such as at least 24 million people have to deal with the sinus pain.

The problem: Many medicines used to treat sinus medicines may only treat the inflammation without addressing the reasons behind the problem which may be a result of the immune system that has been weakened.

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